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Zac Efron’s new movie about Ted Bundy is pissing off a lot of people who were expecting tons of bloodshed and violence – but one survivor of Bundy’s killing spree says the lack of gore is a good thing.

Kathy Kleiner Rubin – who was brutalized by Bundy and left for dead at Florida State University’s Chi Omega house way back in 1978 – told news outlets that she thinks the Netflix adaption works better without massive amounts of blood, because it’s not supposed to be a horror flick.

Sorry, bloodthirsty millennials…Kathy says it’s better to use your imagination, or just take the time to read up on Bundy’s brutal murders.

Check out the clip…Kathy gets super emotional as she talks about Bundy’s long list of female victims, telling us Netflix did a great job portraying them even though it’s difficult to tell their full stories in one movie.

Kathy says Netflix made up for any shortcomings in telling the victims’ stories by including the names of all 36 women in memoriam at the end of the movie.

Admin Note: What’s your opinion on this? Did you want more gore – or are you fine with the movie the way it is? (I plan on watching the movie today so will edit my answer in afterward.)

As you can probably tell by the title, the Ted Bundy biopic starring Zac Efron has now officially premiered on Netflix – one of the most popular streaming services that we currently have available to us. The internet streaming service purchased the rights to distribute the movie produced by Voltage Films (Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile) shortly after it’s original premiere at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

Admin’s Note: Confession time. This post was pre-written a month in advance.

I’ve added four new images to our gallery from the Los Angeles premiere of The Beach Bum.

Please enjoy the new photos.

Earlier today, Zac posted a new episode of Gym Time featuring Marcedes Lewis. We have already made screencaptures of the video for you to view at your leisure.

You may also view the new Gym Time episode below.

Just yesterday, Zac uploaded a video that gives you an inside look at his physical therapy sessions as he recovers from knee surgery. We have, of course, taken the liberty to take screencaptures of this video and have now added them to the image vault.

Zac Efron is letting fans in on his slow recovery from knee surgery.

On Tuesday, the High School Musical alum posted a video on his YouTube channel showcasing a visit to do some physical therapy following his knee surgery back in February. In the clip, he makes his way into a gym on crutches admitting that, “Just things I can normally…I’m just used to doing, I take for granted, I can’t do.”

Inside, the 31-year-old actor does some stretches with his doctor in an effort to slowly get the knee straight while also widening its mobility. This involves applying compresses, doing some range-of-motion exercises and using a massaging device called a Hypervolt, which Efron appears to enjoy.

Later, the movie star stands for some knee-lifting exercises in order to help in the recovery process. He also strikes a GQ pose on a mat to do some left lifts.

Now, although Efron hurt his knee, he also took some time to do some upper body strength building while in the gym. As he lifts weights, his physical therapist suggests he try an RMT — a rotational movement trainer, which looks a LOT like a giant maraca. So, of course, the actor takes a moment to add some fun to the proceedings, shaking the RMT all around!

Only one segment was left out of the clip – when Efron ended his workout with a “Normanap.” This is simply when he takes a snooze while compression is being applied to his knee.

Efron tore his ACL while skiing, or “shredding the gnar” as he put it on Instagram, in early February. Since then, and when he’s not in physical therapy, he’s been enjoying ice cream and getting caught up on Game of Thrones, which began its eighth and final season on Sunday.

Something tells us Efron will be back to his active outdoor lifestyle, which includes skateboarding, rock climbing, horseback riding, hiking and much more, in no time.

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The newest trailer for the upcoming Ted Bundy biopic (Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile) was released just the other day. In comparison to the Sundance trailer, the Netflix trailer shows a much darker depiction – which is something that critics of the Sundance trailer should be pleased about.

Both trailers are shown below for visitors to make their own comparisons.



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